Rebekah Samaritan Lodge #120 Event

   dscn2909 During a cold blistery January 25th  2009 Sunday morning in the Century 492 Lodge Hall in Carpentersville Illinois, the Rebekah Samaritan Lodge #120 hosted a brunch with great food, fun and Oddfellowship.  The guest’s included Elgin Odd Fellow Lodge #12 and their wives.  This gala event was a way to introduce and learn what the Rebekah Lodge has to offer.  As a result these energetic women might be recruiting up to  7 new members into their order.   

2 Responses to “Rebekah Samaritan Lodge #120 Event”

  1. Melissa Richards Says:

    Excellent! Thanks so much if you do send it to the paper

    We would really like that Melissa

  2. Terri Dudar Says:

    Your site looks great


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