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  1. Melissa Richards Says:

    The Samaritan Lodge needs tickets so we can sell them for June 20th

    Also What do we girls need to do??

    Please let me know who to contact for this event- So we know what we can do


  2. Hal Bellerud, PG, Olympia Lodge #1, Olympia, WA Says:

    Hi Jim,
    congratulations on a wonderful website!
    I am Past Grand of Olympia Lodge #1 in Olympia, Washington.
    My quest is to find the lodge of the instituting Brother of our Lodge, Christopher Charles Hewitt, listed as a Past Grand, Lodge unknown, who instituted our lodge July 13, 1855 in what was then, Washington Territory. We know Brother C.C. Hewitt had at one time resided in Elgin, and was either a member of a lodge there or nearby, or in New York where he was born and raised to manhood.
    I don’t know if your records, close to hand, include history to that far back. It would have to be prior to 1853, maybe even before 1839. As the IOOF was instituted in 1834, that would be rare waters indeed.
    If you, or one of your Brothers, is of a historical research mind, would it be possible to ascertain Brother Hewitt was indeed a member, perhaps a Past Grand, of your lodge?
    If so, this would mean a special relationship between our lodges, one I would enjoy seeing grow in fellowship. I have a photo of Bro. Hewitt, whom I might mention was supposedly a lawyer-colleague of Lincoln, was appointed by him as a Chief Justice, Superior Court of Washington Territory, a Militia Captain in one of our few indian wars and who is buried in our IOOF cemetery (I visited his grave just today).
    A response, to the positive or negative, will be very much appreciated.
    Again, NICE website, and thank you in advance for any assistance.
    Yours in Friendship, Love and Truth,
    Hal Bellerud, PG, Olympia Lodge #1, IOOF

  3. Aubrey Zars Says:

    This site looks great! I have such wonderful memories from attending many Odd Fellow events with my dad. Special hello to Mike and Judy Wilson!


    -Aubrey Zars

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